These legs were made for running. Who knew?!

Saturday, 23 July 2011


One step at a time...
On my run this morning, I was wondering what keeps me going back for more week after week.  For I do not have particularly healthy lungs (they have always been my weak spot) and as a result, sometimes my runs feel like very hard work.  I thought of so many things that are a source of inspiration that I ended up spending my entire run listing them in my head.  Here are just a few (in no particular order):

  • My five children.  I want to be vital and alive to celebrate and support them for many years to come.
  • The two elderly men who look like they are at least in their 80's.  I see them on my morning run most weeks.  They are so vital and fit for men their age and I want what they have.
  • The people that I see on my route day in and day out.  Although we don't know each other's name, we smile and wave and encourage each other along.
  • The elderly lady who can barely shuffle one block after her surgery.  But she's out there almost every day doing the best that she can.
  • The colleagues and the partner who I have started running and swimming with at lunch.  They kick my butt (in a kind way) and make me realise that there is always room to improve.
  • The fact that I have not had bronchitis since I started running (hope I am not tempting the Gods by writing this).
  • Rob, who regularly reminds me how far I have come when I get a bit discouraged.
  • The fact that I have legs and a waist again.  They may be far from perfect after having 5 kids, but I like them anyway.
  • My cousin Ann who has 2 children (and another on the way), yet still finds time for marathons.  And my long time friend Gretch who has been running half-marathons for a few years.
  • My friend Hils who has shared the entire journey with me.  We keep each other going emotionally and physically.
  • My friend Leo and his poem Sitting Under Three Oaks ) about an old dry oak leaf living out the last of his days "with the spirit of a child, innocent and rebellious".  There are benefits to going with the flow of life, but this poem reminds me that it's also okay to put up a fight and squeeze the most out of our lives.
  • The sun, the rain and the local birds who make my heart soar when I am running.
  • The contribution that running has made to managing my life long challenges with anxiety (that may be a topic for a separate post).
And the list goes on and on and on...

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